Retirement Benefits

Hybrid Plan Video Time Stamp

00:58             Hybrid Plan Video

08:43             Social Security

09:04             Windfall Provision

10:45             457(b) Plan Deferred Compensation

11:46             Tax Savings 457(b)

12:20             Fee Leveling

13:06             Fund Line Up

13:36             Rollover Options

15:09             Example Why It’s Important to Start Early

17:34             Austin Maness Contact Information

18:12             What happens if you live past your life expectancy

18:53             Where does funding come from if an individual lives past their life expectancy

20:19             How much of your final pay can you roll over?

21:24             Can you roll over all the DROP money?

21:30             Can a lump sum be taken from an account before it is annuitized?

23:56             Under the 401(a), do you have to take an annuity?

24:19             Annuity vs. lump sum

27:53             Under the 457(b), what is the initial interest rate?

28:26             Under the 457(b) what are the benefits of pre-tax contributions?

29:36             Pre-Tax vs. Roth Contribution

30:22             Can you leave your money in an account after you retire?

30:59             Do you have to start taking withdrawals once you leave the City?

31:45             Can you see your contributions on the Empower Mobil App?

32:13             Can you change your *% contribution under the Hybrid Plan?

32:53             How quickly can you receive your money after retirement?

39:49             How is my pension calculated?

42:25             Once an employee is ready, at what time should the pension office be notified?

47:56             What happens to the funds in the 1978 Pension Plan?

50:58             When you sign up for the DROP will it count the year, I signed up to calculate my pension?

51:22             Are you still considered active when you sign up for the DROP?

52:24             After an employee sign up for the DROP Program, do any increases in a pay go towards the pension?

53:00             After an employee sign up for the DROP Program, do any increases in pay go towards the pension?

56:17             Who do I contact if I have questions about my retirement?

56:34             Is there a maximum percentage for receiving you pension?

58:10             Calculating the pension un the 1978 Plan