Retirement Plans

The retirement and disability function provides administration, governance and guidance for all the City’s pension, retirement and disability plans.  Subject matter experts focus on providing a consultative and advisory service by answering questions and assisting with resolving pension, retirement and disability issues offered by the City.

1978 and 1948 Pension Plan

The City of Memphis Retirement System (Plan) is designed to help you enjoy an important part of your future….your retirement. 

The Plan is a defined benefit pension plan established to provide retirement benefits for eligible employees and their beneficiaries. In addition, the Plan may also provide benefits if you die, become disabled, or leave before retirement.

Hybrid Pension Plan

The Hybrid Plan is a tax-deferred retirement plan funded with both employee contributions and employer contributions. The Hybrid Plan has two component parts, the Cash Balance Plan and the Defined Contribution Plan. Your benefit under the Hybrid Plan at retirement will be based on the value of your account in the Cash Balance Plan and the Defined Contribution Plan.

DROP Program

Social Security