On the Job Injury(OJI)

City of Memphis – On the Job Injury

City of Memphis On the Job injury program provides quality medical treatment-at no cost- to City of Memphis employees who are injured on the job. City of Memphis on the job injury program works with Sedgwick to assist employees, process claims, and coordinate medical care while ensuring the employees successful return to work. Full and rapid recovery is the goal for any City of Memphis employee who is injured on the job. City of Memphis is not workers’ compensation and therefore is not subject to workers’ compensation regulatory requirements.

No payment shall be made when personal injuries were due to the employee’s willful misconduct, intentional self-inflicted injury, intoxication, or willful failure/refusal to use safety equipment/appliance or perform a duty required by law.

Employees may seek treatment at the nearest emergency medical facility for urgent and life-threatening conditions.

If You are Injured on the Job

For Injury or Exposure:

*Employee must report to supervisor during same shift or no later than 24 hours from incident

For Occupational Disease/Illness:

*Employee must report to supervisor within 30 days from diagnosis

  1. Report your injury to your supervisor immediately. If your injury is urgent or life-threatening, please seek treatment immediately from the nearest hospital.
  2. Your supervisor will complete the necessary injury forms and submit them to Sedgwick. Complete the report by phone or link submission.
  3. When discharged from the emergency facility, the employee must contact the Manager/OSHA Coordinator and Sedgwick to discuss follow-up treatment and return to work instructions.

What should an “employer” do when an employee reports an injury?

Upon the report of a workplace injury, an employer should provide the employee, in writing, a choice of physicians on An Agreement Between Employer/Employee Choice of Physician (Form C-42)

The form must be completed, provided to the employee to allow him/her to designate the authorized treating physician, signed by the employee with a copy given to the employee, and the original kept on file with the employer. The physicians listed should be located in or near the employee’s community of residence. 

The employee has the privilege of choosing a physician from the list. The one selected becomes the “authorized treating physician.” The employee is then required to accept treatment from the treating physician and should not seek treatment from any other medical provider unless the treating physician makes a referral.

Employers must also immediately submit all known or reported injuries or illnesses to their insurance carriers unless the employer is qualified and certified as a self-insured employer. Self-insured employers must either report the claim to their Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or internal claims handling program. Reportable workplace injuries or illnesses are those that cause:

An employee to receive medical treatment outside of the employer’s premises; their absence from work, or their retention of a permanent impairment; or, their Death.”

Treatment Options     

Initial Treatment/Emergency:


Concentra Medical Center (8a-6p M-F)

2831 Airways Building A, Suite 102
Memphis, TN 38132
(901) 348-0200 Fax: (901) 348-0046

Concentra Medical Center (8a-6p M-F)
3965 S. Mendenhall Rd, Suite 6 Bldg. G
Memphis, TN 38115
(901) 365-1800 Fax: (901) 365-1862

Occumed Clinic (8a-5p M-F)
1785 Nonconnah Blvd #120
Memphis, TN 38132
(901) 345-6700 Fax (901) 345-6755

Nova Medical Centers (8:30a- 6:00p M-F)
3965 S. Mendenhall Suite 20
Memphis, TN 38115
(901) 620-3900 Fax (901) 620-3901

Nova Medical Centers (8:30a- 6:00p M-F)
2781 Airways
Memphis, TN 38132
(901) 291-1100 Fax (901) 291-1300


Methodist: (Injuries Only/No Exposures)

Methodist Minor Medical (8a-7p M-F & 8a-6p SS)
8071Winchester Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 756-6056 Fax: 624-0702
& 8095 Club Parkway Cordova, TN 38016
(901) 758-6035 Fax: 758-6029

Methodist Minor Medical (2p-10p M-F & 12p-9p SS)
1803 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Fax: (901) 722-3129

Baptist: (Injuries Only/No Exposures)

Baptist Minor Medical Center (8a-7:30p everyday)
3295 Poplar Avenue, Suite #105
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 327-8188 Fax: (901) 327-8284

Baptist Minor Medical Center (8a-7:30p everyday)
670 N. Germantown Parkway, Suite 18 (TrinityCommons)
Cordova, TN 38018
(901) 753-7686 Fax: (901) 759-9968


Baptist Hospitals:
Memphis- 6019 Walnut Grove Rd 901-226-5000
Collierville- 1500 West Poplar Ave 901-861-9000

Methodist Hospitals:
3960 New Covington Pike – 516-5200 (North)
1300 Wesley Drive – 516-3700 (South)
7691 Poplar – 516-6418 (Germantown)
1265 Union – 516-7000 (University)

Regional Medical Center at Memphis Trauma Center:
877 Jefferson – 545-7100

St Francis Hospital: 
Bartlett- 2986 Kate Bond Rd – 820-7000
Main- 5959 Park Ave – 765-1000

For assistance regarding network providers, please contact the OJI Coordinator by calling 901-636-6459