Back To Business 2021

The health and safety of City of Memphis’ employees, their families, third-party contractors, and the community is a top priority. In accordance with the Phase 2 of the Back to Business plan, the City of Memphis is taking active measures to ensure it is maintaining a safe and healthy environment for those entering City of Memphis’ facilities. In that regard, the implementation of health screening questions and body temperature checks to gain entry to city of Memphis’ facilities will begin on June 1, 2020. This information is intended to provide guidance on how to conduct screening questions and body temperature checks.


All city of Memphis facilities are required to implement temperature screening of all employees, visitors, third-party contractors and other individuals in accordance with this guidance, unless prohibited by local law or an applicable labor agreement. If this guidance conflicts with local law, facility leaders shall consult with the Health and Safety office to explore potential adjustments or alternatives.

Testing is Mandatory for Entry Screening shall be made mandatory for all individuals before entering the facility. Employees and third-party contractors who refuse to undergo temperature screening shall be denied entrance.

Who Performs Site Entry Screens:
Screenings should be conducted by representatives of the Health and Safety offices or other trained personnel.

The sole purpose of conducting Facility Entry Screens is to reduce the likelihood of individuals who have contracted COVID-19 from entering the site and potentially placing others at risk of exposure. Sites shall not maintain any record of responses to Site Entry Screen questions or temperature readings but rather shall forward information concerning failures to the Division’s HR liaison.

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